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Business outline

Elderly person welfare work

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NRE Yayoi Omori apartment house

NRE Yayoi Omori apartment house

We advocate "home which changed its home" "user standard" as administration idea and run assisted-living pay nursing home practicing care that focused on the individual nature. (the April, 2004 opening of business)

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NRE Shinkawasaki Yayoi terrace

NRE Shinkawasaki Yayoi terrace

We open assisted-living pay nursing home, nursing small scale multifunctional model home care office, home care support office in April, 2018. We provide environment that can realize connection with multi-generation at place of life having "open space" "park" "commercial facilities" "clinic" "drugstore" "lease house" "nursery school" in equivalence site.

Asset management business

Put construction of total building maintenance (facilities duties, maintenance duties, cleaning duties) on mind at creation of building environment clean safely for relief, and is steady as professional group which observed society rule and laws and ordinances; continue advancing.

Cleaning business

㈱Cleaning such as store, building, dormitory, factory of Nippon Restaurant Enterprise (abbreviated to NRE), insecticide, mouse duties-proof. We perform collection, transportation duties of the public, industrial waste and promote "beautification and security".

Company dormitory management, administration business

Through offer of company dormitory management, cleaning duties of JR East and meal, we support life, health care of dormitory resident.

Ecology business

We do garbage and disposal facility product released at factory and store of NRE in manure in "recycling center" and use the manure for organic farming at "farm" and develop "office conclusion recycling" to ship the crops which there was to factory and store again business.

Company Overview

Company name N are E service
Establishment March 26, 1962
Head office

2-19-6, Higashiueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo NRE Ueno Building

TEL 03-3834-2586
FAX 03-3836-3699

Capital 25 million yen
Sales amount 1559 1 million yen (2017)
The number of employees 480 (we include temporary worker)
Stockholder Nippon Restaurant Enterprise wholly-owned subsidiary
Business outline
  1. Administration duties of elderly person welfare institution / office (assisted-living pay nursing home, home care support office)
  2. Management of facilities management, guard, maintenance, NRE dormitory of building, cleaning duties
  3. Collection of cleaning of store, building, insecticide mouse, public-proof and industrial waste transportation duties
  4. Offer of management, meal of JR East company dormitory, cleaning duties
  5. Administration of NRE ingredients recycling center, administration of Tomobe existence machine recycling farm
  6. Duties about recruitment of personnel required such as stores of NRE
President Kazuo Onuki
Banker Mizuho Bank


March 26, 1962 hiromesumi service establishment
It is started by management commissioned business such as assembly rooms given in trust as the other company by Japanese National Railways
December, 1962 It merges hiromesumijigyosha
July, 1976 We succeed to the sales department (General Merchandise Division distribution place) of hiromeshishoji
April, 1988 It merges railroad foods
April, 1996 It merges Seki Hiroshi Azuma finished business company
※Management trust start of JR East company dormitory
April, 1999 We are changed company name of to N are E service by hiromesumi service
January, 2000 It merges railroad bedclothing linen supply
April, 2004 We enter elderly person welfare work
The assisted-living pay nursing home NRE Yayoi Omori apartment house opening of business
October, 2013 We divide linen supply business, and we are transferred by JR East linen
October, 2014 It merges solar eclipse estate
May, 2017 The designated home care support office care plan center kibitakio opening of business
April, 2018 We establish elderly person welfare institution "NRE Shinkawasaki Yayoi terrace" in "co-Tonya garden Shinkawasaki".
  • Assisted-living pay nursing home evening Kei yumemigasaki
  • Nursing small scale multifunctional model home care office chord
  • We burn care plan center millet