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Social media

Social media communication policy

Nippon Restaurant Enterprise (following we) determines about posture, action that you should observe in social media formula account administration as follows.

Purpose of this policy

Our officer, person concerned with employee or other our services establish this policy about posture, action that they should observe to build good communication with all of you through social media.

Posture, action that you should perform of our sonshu

"Awareness and responsibility" in 1 social media information dispatch

  • (1) On information dispatch to the Internet, the unspecified number of user always recognizes that it is accessible easily and instantly.
  • (2) Each person's information dispatch is targeted in the recognition, discussion, criticism and recognizes that we have quite a few influence enough.
  • (3) In information dispatch, we observe internal rule (approach, etc. about compliance of JR East group) that laws and ordinances and East Japan Railway Company. and we established strictly.

Mental attitude that we deal with 2 social media participation

  • (1) We decide not to forget posture of attentive hearing and sense of respect for your remark to use.
  • (2) We take responsibility for information dispatch and correspondence and are careful not to give misunderstanding and discomfort.
  • (3) We try for dispatch of true and correct information.
  • (4) We refrain from dispatch about contents including privacy, personal information.
  • (5) We cannot completely delete information that was released and understand that we stay permanently once.
  • (6) We fulfil duty in normal business routine.

Observance of 3 laws and ordinances

  • (1) We observe various laws and ordinances. Particularly, we decide not to perform copyright, trademark, right of likeness, honor by slander slander, other rights abuse acts.
  • (2) When we quote dispatch contents, article, we state source and quotation part clearly.
  • (3) We monitor the observance situation of this policy at any time and try for the grasp.

Of our social media ask all of you with the following guidance on using.

Guidance and request to all of you using

  • (1) In characteristic of social media, information sent to does not express necessarily official opinion. About dispatch of our official announcement, opinion, we announce through our website and press release.
  • (2) Please note that it is not thing which our social media guarantee correspondence from customer to opinion, question. Please send answer, opinion to us which need reply, question from "inquiry" on our website.
  • (3) Dispatch information is thing at the time of dispatch, and please understand that you may change afterwards.

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