"Oden and kushi* gerakan" are open for Thursday, June 28, Perrier Chiba!

June 27, 2018

Nippon Restaurant Enterprise

"Oden and kushi* gerakan" are open for Thursday, June 28, Perrier Chiba!

It is open "oden and kushi* gerakan" Thursday, June 28!

Specialty store of "oden" and "deep-fried skewers" opens in the first floor of Perrier Chiba basement in station building of Chiba Station. Please fully enjoy deep-fried skewers which "finish" refined clear stock, and took in seasonal ingredients from a lot of no oden and basic material.

Product information

Five kinds of selected oden assortment 1,080 yen

Do not use rakannoodenha, soy sauce at all; "finish", and is oden. Please enjoy stock and taste of material.

Five kinds of selected deep-fried skewers assortment 880 yen

rakanno deep-fried skewers think about affinity with oden and it is with rather thin bread crumbs and uses seed oil and can enjoy without any regret.

Stewed beef sinew miso 580 yen

Specialty dish which we stewed in Hatcho miso and Kyoto sweetened miso with chopped ginger and burdock!

Love sea bream noohitsu meal (lunch-limited) 1,150 yen from Uwajima

Just serve bowl the first cup; as normal noohitsu meal. As if the second cup carrying spice on board, and pouring oden stock, and being soaked in tea…. It is "ohitsu meal" with all such thought to want you to eat delicious rice.

Store information

Oden and kushi* gerakan

The first floor of 1-1-1, Shinchiba, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi Perrier Chiba basement
Business hours
It is from 11:00 to 23:00 all day
Regular holiday
Year round (we follow Perrier Chiba)
Phone number 043-304-6355
The store details including menu → 【We click Coco】←

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